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Load More Products

Load products from the next page via AJAX with Infinite scrolling or Load more products button.

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Multiple loading types

Loading types: Infinite scroll, Load more button, AJAX pagination, Load more button + AJAX pagination

Different loading type for different devices. Set Infinite scroll for desktop and Load More button for mobile

"This plugin is easy to set up, and works well with loading more products. Thanks for the excellent plugin, BeRocket!"

Lazy Load with Animation

Lazy Load for product images will make loading faster

Up to 40 animation effects for Lazy Load images

"We use Enfold theme with Woocommerce and a lot of products. Works like a charm."

Technical Details

Current version: 3.1.8

WordPress tested: up to 6.4

Latest Update: 18/01/2024

WPML compatible: Yes

Requires WordPress: 5.0+

Languages: English

Requires WooCommerce: 3.6+

Documentation: Great

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40 Animations for Lazy Load images

Load More Products

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  • 3.1.8


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 8.4 and WordPress 6.4


    • Issue with new PHP version
    • New framework version


    • New key check functionality


    • Some issue with data save


    • Window height get


    • WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage support


    • SECURITY ISSUE! Some admin AJAX functionality can be called with any logged in users.


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 7.1 and WordPress 6.1


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 7.0


    • Remove some PHP 8.1 notices


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 6.7 and WordPress 6.0


    • Issue with orders page


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 6.1 and WordPress 5.9


    • Multiple pagination work incorrect with some settings
    • Page do not change with load more button


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 5.6
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