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AJAX Products Filter

Take a look at this fantastic AJAX products filter plugin for WooCommerce. Add unlimited filters with one widget to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost conversions effortlessly.

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Choose the best layout for your filter

Our WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter plugin offers several layouts including slider, image and color

You can use 1 layout for all filters or combine them as you like

"My clients love the user experience while searching. Excellent!"

Show filters above products

Need more space for the products? Say no to sidebars

Show filters collapsed to titles only, in-line above products, or collapsed into a button

"Thanks for an awesome plugin that works so well. I always come back to it after trying a few. well done"

Technical Details

Current version:

WordPress tested: up to 6.1

Latest Update: 15/08/2023

WPML compatible: Yes

Requires WordPress: 5.0+

Languages: English

Requires WooCommerce: 3.6+

Documentation: Great

Trial plugin version

SEO friendly URLs

Use Nice URLs with canonicalization and slugs instead of IDs

Customize your filter pointer word and URL structure in a few clicks

"So happy with this solution, it opens up a world of opportunities!"

Include/Exclude values

Show only needed values from the attribute or hide few

Together with the Custom Slug add-on you can use the same filter multiple times with different values on the same page

"Very good plugin for customizing Woocommerce product filters. Easy to use interface for customizing the filters"

What our clients say

Want to try admin side?

Get access to this plugin’s admin and try it from the inside. Change things and watch how they work.

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(Requires our free Brands plugin)

Users love brands. Help them find favorite brands faster

An image filter works great here, but any other filter layouts can be used as well

"This is the best plugin in the market for product filtering."

Hide empty and fitered values

Don’t like “No Products!” message? Hide values without products on the go

Show hidden values under the Show Values button, hide empty filters, hide user-selected values, and/or show only the first X values

"It’s able to filter out search results from Fibosearch. Can’t think of anything more I’d need."

Price ranges and sliders for attributes

Love sliders? Use them now for the attributes too!

Sliders take up much less space and can be used for text and numbers values

"Works great and creates a nice look!"

Shows results before filtering

Show users what they will get before filters are applied. Fast and efficient

It takes much less time than normal filtering, and the user will see what he will get as a result of his selection

"I tried many plugins and this one is the only one that worked with minimal effort and does everything I need. Very useful!"

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Works amazingly with Custom Widget Area
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Custom CSS Styles
Apply Filters Button
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Selected Filters Area
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Dropdown Menu/Select for Filters
Checkbox/Values List for Filters
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Color box Filter Style for Attribute
Image Filter Style for Attribute
Display Values Hierarchically
Hide Child Values for Hierarchical Values
Collapse Filters on Title Click
Collapse Filters on Page Load
Hide some values under a Button
Display Value Name with Color box/Image box
Icon to display Filter Description
Limit Filter Height with a Scroll
Input Fields to set Minimum/Maximum Price
Conditions to Select Pages where filters will be displayed
Shortcodes to display a Filter/Group
Widgets to Display Filter/Group
Compatibility with Divi Builder, Elementor Builder, Beaver Builder
Compatibility with WooCommerce Products Shortcode
Compatibility with WPML, Polylang
Option to translate any text with the help of Language File and Settings
Compatibility with Barn2 Product Table
Compatibility with Relevanssi
Compatibility with Bodycommerce
Compatibility with other BeRocket Plugins
Plenty of ways to add compatibility with Themes and Plugins using Custom Code
Scroll page to the top of products (Scroll Top)
Hide values without products
SEO Friendly URLs
Remove an out of stock Variations that matches the Selected Filters
Nested Filters (displayed only after selecting other filters)
Display Child Values on a filter for Category/Custom Taxonomies Pages
Up to 4 colors for Attribute values in Type color Widget
Custom Sidebar for filters
Filters over products
Show Filter Titles only
Collapsed filters over products
SEO Meta and Title
Filters by Custom Taxonomies
Filter by Stock Status
Filter by Product On Sale Status
Remove/Leave only some filter values
Checkbox/Values List for Price as Price Ranges
Slider Range for Attributes/Custom Taxonomies
Datepicker Style for Attributes
Datepicker for Product Publication Date
Display Product Count for Attribute Values
Display 1-4 filter(s) per Line/Row
Search Box Block (a group of filters that redirects to other pages on filtering)
Nice URLs for SEO Friendly URLs
Links Setup after filtering
Generate Canonical Links for a page
Add Filters to Page Title/Description/Header
Display Variation Image/Price that matches the selected filters
Open a product with Selected Variation that matches the selected filters
Additional Filter Styles


AJAX Products Filter

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30 days money back guarantee




    • Add-on Filter Additional Settings
    • Option to replace categories shortcode with products


    • Divi module styles
    • Pagination with incorrect selectors
    • MariaDB 10.4 compatibility for database update


    • Stock status and Sale filters displayed empty
    • Link like WooCommerce add-on with sliders


    • Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.8
    • Variation link replace on some custom products loop
    • Primary key for tables in plugin


    • New Divi module functionality
    • Options to remove values in sale and stock status filters


    • Pagination replace with translation
    • Price range on search page and some other pages
    • Link replace for variable products on some themes
    • Link like WooCommerce add-on with custom post meta and custom slug


    • Divi Module for group do not display filters
  • 3.1.4


    • Option to close sidebar on filtering
    • Divi Modules with more options


    • Additional table generation for some database
    • Custom Post table generation
    • Price Range filtering
    • Error filters do not exist
    • Divi Module preview styles


    • Additional tables generation to not change collation
    • Additional tables check is tables exist
    • Additional tables clear tables instead remove


    • Variation functionality with custom slug add-on
    • Before and after slider values for custom postmeta
    • Slider with numeric for custom postmeta
    • Barn2 Product table new check
    • Variations link changes(some links do not work in WooCommerce)


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 7.1


    • Update some links to BeRocket site


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 7.0


    • Remove some PHP 8.1 notices
  • 3.1.3


    • Hierarchical view for taxonomies list


    • Color/Image select with polylang
    • Additional tables generation for some site
    • Inline buttons view
    • Currency exchange compatibility
    • Module for Divi theme
    • Style of admin elements
  • Load more logs