WooCommerce Currency Exchange

WooCommerce currency exchange for your shop. You can easily setup exchange to any currencies in WooCommerce. Visual only exchange replaces price in shop, product page, but still uses WooCommerce default currency for order page and checkout page. Full currency exchange replaces price at all, also orders will be saved with selected currency. You can setup widget or shortcode with images for each currency. Currency exchange rates can be downloaded from Open Exchange Rates and automatically updated every 24 hours.

  • Widget and shortcode to change currency in any places
  • You can use any currency, that WooCommerce support
  • Visual only exchange or fully exchange
  • Custom text and image for each currency

Tested with themes:

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Currency exchange for all WooCommerce currencies
Visual exchange for WooCommerce shop and product page only
Full exchange for shop, product page and orders
Widget and shortcode with same settings
Drop down menu and radio buttons in widget
Custom exchange rates for currencies
MasterCard support
Open Exchange Rates support
CurrencyLayer support
Auto update currency every 24 hours
Detect currency via IP address
User can set currency in account settings
Custom element position for currency label in widgets
Country flag for currency label
Custom image for currency label
Multiplier for exchanged currencies

General plugin settings.
WooCommerce -> Currency Exchange -> General


  • Shortcode error when "currency_text" parameter not set
  • Widget save work incorrect on latest WordPress
  • Updater fix


  • Small fixes


  • Recent woocommerce version support


  • Custom text for each currency


  • Remove PHP notices
  • Updater fix


  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Compatibility with other plugins


  • Widget title compatibility with WPML
  • Updater fix


  • WooCommerce orders in admin panel sometimes uses incorrect currency



  • Error with older version of PHP
  • On some pages plugin doesn't replace prices
  • Doesn't replace price in WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter plugin



  • Loads currency from CurrencyLayer and Master Card
  • Currency by IP address
  • Custom currency in user account settings
  • Additional widget types


  • First version
  • Download plugin from your BeRocket account
  • Disable FREE version of same plugin if you have it
  • Open your site admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  • Click Browse and select downloaded zip file and click Install Now
  • Click Activate Plugin
  • Open plugin settings Admin Panel -> WooCommerce -> Currency Exchange
  • Select currencies, that is needed and setup exchange rate for this currencies
  • Place widget or shortcode to your site
  • Open shop page and check how it works.
  • That's it =)


  • [br_currency_exchange]
  • Options:
    • title - title of widget
    • type - select, radio or image
    • flag_width - image width with type image

Product and account keys uses for plugin auto updates from BeRocket site.
Account settings is in Settings -> BeRocket Account that contains only one field for Account Key, also we adds Plugin Key fields to plugin settings.
Account Key uses for all BeRocket plugins on your BeRocket account and Plugin keys uses only for one plugin.

How set Account Key

  • Login to BeRocket
  • Go to 'My Account' on BeRocket site
  • Copy you Account Key from Account key field on right side
  • Go to website with activated plugin
  • In admin panel open Settings -> BeRocket Account
  • Place Key to field Account key
  • Press Test button if result is Success press Save button

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