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Advanced Product Labels

Creating labels has come really easy and fast with the Advanced Product Labels plugin. Promote your free products, show “Free Shipping” or other special attributes of products.

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50+ ready to use templates

Our WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels offers 3 types of templates: CSS, Image and Advanced

Advanced templates have 3 text lines with different text styles which makes it charming

"The plugin works really well, and the support is fantastic! I highly recommend it"

Discount timer

Show users the time left for the discount end time. This will grow up your sales in no time

7 templates to choose from. Wide configuration possibilities

"I create the labels that I need for my products, without any hazzle. Great!"

Technical Details

Current version:

WordPress tested: up to 6.2

Latest Update: 16/01/2024

WPML compatible: Yes

Requires WordPress: 5.0+

Languages: English

Requires WooCommerce: 3.6+

Documentation: Great

Trial plugin version

Label style options

Font size, color, border, Google Fonts and other style options to make the label you want

Label spacing, position, rotation and also background color

"This is the best plugin. Very usefull and easy to use. Thank you so much for your work!"

Label types

You can set your labels in the required position with Label type and Position options

On image, under image or inside the title. Inside the title can be right or left while other types have also center option

"Allows maximum customization – lets me set stuff for almost everything."

Theme compliance with hooks

We’ve added a special option that will cover 99% of other themes. Your theme will work

This options also can help you choose better location for the labels

"I have nothing to complaint about, it works like a charm and very easy to setup"

Label size multiplier

Want a bigger label? Not a problem! Just swipe a Size Multiplier slider right and save the changes

You can make it smaller by x10 or bigger by x3. The font size can be adjusted separately

"Awesome plugin, saved me a lot of work, thanks!"

What our clients say

Want to try admin side?

Get access to this plugin’s admin and try it from the inside. Change things and watch how they work.

Your email will be used to create a new WordPress user. When the demo site is up, you’ll get a notification letter.

Conditions for the labels

Add labels to the needed products only

Use these conditions: category, product, price, sale, attribute, page ID and more

"This plugin is super easy and awesome!"


If you don’t want to overload your labels with content – tooltip is the solution!

Tooltips can contain an image inside to provide more content in a nice way

"I added it to our fresh products to mark organic and other types of products."

Label as a link

Some products have a notice or need a long description? Add an url to the label

Link may be opened in the new tab or reload current one

"Great app! Works exactly as advertised, even on variable products. Well worth trying out!"

Opacity & gradient

Gradient will add some spice to your labels, while a semi-transparent background shows a content under it

Colors and intensity can be customized. It looks super awesome and your customers will love it

"Just what we needed, moving from Magento, my customer wanted labels and this did the job perfectly. Thank you!"

Compare to others

BeRocket lebels (free)
5 ready to use CSS templates
Upload your own image for a label
Label types (label, on image)
Custom position for each label
Label preview on the creation page
Label Content - Text
Label Content - Discount Percentage
Label Content - Price
Label Content - Stock Status
Text Before and Text After the main content with the New line option
Label background and font colors
Google Fonts for labels
Font size
Option to set hooks for the best theme compliance
Advanced Conditions to apply to product labels
Conditions can be mixed with AND or OR
Option to disable labels globally
Option to disable single label
Option to disable label on product page
Remove the WooCommerce Sale label
WPML support
Polylang support
Label Size Multiplier
30 CSS templates
12 Advanced templates
14 image templates (not editable)
Background Image for labels
Hide On the selected device(s)
Discount Timer with 8 templates
Label Content - Discount Amount
Label Content - Custom Discount
Label Content - Time left for a discount
Label Content - Product attribute
Link with the option to open in a new tab
More options for Stylization
Image for tooltips
Label types (label, on image, in title)
More Advanced Conditions
Shortcodes for Text fields
Configurable view for Product attribute values

Shortcodes & content types

Tag, Price or Category as a label? You got it! Use Content Type and Shortcodes for more dynamic labels

Brands by our free plugin is also there. Same as shipping classes

"This product works amazing… exactly how you would like it should work"


Use shadow as a best way of highlighting your labels and adding more visual interest to your site

By using gradient and shadows, you can have the best possible labels

"Plugin easy to configure and use. Perfect, just doing what it should do"


Advanced Product Labels

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    • Date Time Condition


    • Information about discount labels
    • Condition for timers
    • Timer with AJAX load


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 8.2
    • New key check functionality


    • Some issue with data save


    • Compatibility with product preview
    • Update term meta table


    • WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage support not detected


    • Stock status for variation


    • WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage support
  • 3.2.6


    • Option to scale label for mobile
    • New Divi Module to display label
    • Labels AJAX loading for compatibility


    • AJAX load for other plugins
    • Fatal errors with some page builders


    • SECURITY ISSUE! Some admin AJAX functionality can be called with any logged in users.


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 7.1 and WordPress 6.1


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 7.0


    • Remove some PHP 8.1 notices
  • 3.2.5


    • Compatibility version: WooCommerce 6.7 and WordPress 6.0


    • Conditions for product variation
  • Load more logs