WooCommerce Force Sell
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WooCommerce Force Sell plugin allows you to link products to another product, so they are added to the cart together. This is useful for linking a service or required product.

Tested with themes:

  • Abacus
  • Avada
  • Bridge
  • Clean Commerce
  • Louis
  • Storefront
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • X
  • Divi ... and many other

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Purchased 48 times today

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Technical Details

  • Current Version:3.0.2
  • Latest Update:04/12/2018
  • Requires WordPress:4.1+
  • Requires WooCommerce:3.3.4+
  • WordPress Tested:up to 4.9.x
  • WPML Compatible:Yes
  • Languages:English
  • Documentation:Perfect




Advanced Conditions to select products
Conditions by product, sale status, price, stock status
Link products that cannot be removed in cart
Link products that can be removed in cart
Count of product that must be linked
Display linked products on product page
Shortcode to display linked products on product page
Conditions by category, product attribute, stock quantity
Option to link products for every X(count) products added to cart
Link products only after added X(count) products to cart
Enable count input for linked products



  • Better way to add force sell products
  • Add force sell for each product, group of products, cart


  • Some condition work incorrect with variable products
  • Bestseller condition do not work correct with latest version of WooCommerce


  • Force sell for variable product


  • Updater compatibility



  • Admin menu



  • Better plugin menu items location
  • New settings design
  • Unlimited Force Sell products with custom post type
  • Select products with help of conditions
  • Linked products can be changed
  • Count of products that will be linked


  • Code was optimized


  • Small fixes


  • Recent woocommerce version support


  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Compatibility with other plugins


  • Widget title compatibility with WPML
  • Updater fix


  • New feature fixes



  • Products, that will be added once to each products in list


  • Compatibility with older PHP version
  • Admin settings fix


  • First version

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