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Lead your customers towards their ideal product

Speed up the purchase processes and improve the conversion rate

Most usable filter types

Most usable filter types
  • Checkbox and Radiobox

    Simple and understandable way of filtering that even your granny will figure out

  • Color boxes

    Some color names are too fancy. Visual representation is much better than attempts to describe colors

  • Filter with Images

    Your site can look professional and easy to use with custom images for the filters

  • Categories Tree

    Hide the categories mess and show users only what they really need

Most usable filter types
Price Ranges and Sliders for Attributes

Price Ranges and Sliders for Attributes

Price Ranges and Sliders for Attributes
  • Slider - supporting attributes

    Provides option to select bulk of values by just dragging the slider
    Do you have height, width or diameter attributes? Show them with a slider and your users will thank you

  • Price Range

    Super fast range of price with just one click
    Any number of elements with your limits
    Don't lose items from the loop. Use last item to the infinity

Join over 29,480 WooCommerce stores

which are already increasing their sales with the AJAX Products Filter.

Control where and what to show

Show filters above products or in the sidebar. Use Nice URLs to make your site look perfect

Show filters in many ways

Show filters in many ways
  • Filters above products

    Need more space for the products? Say no to the sidebars

  • Display filters in line

    You can fit more filters per line

  • Display filters in line max count

    Manage how many filters should be per line

  • Show title only

    Fit more filters by using less space for one

  • Display filters on hover

    Click or mouseover events to show filters. What do your clients prefer?

Show filters in many ways
Nice URLs with canonicalization and slugs

Nice URLs with canonicalization and slugs

Nice URLs with canonicalization and slugs
  • Update URL on filtering

    URL will be updated when filter is applied. Nice for sharing links and browser's back button

  • Use slug in URL

    Attribute slug instead of ID looks much nicer in the url

  • Nice URLs

    Link should look solid, without "?" and "=" or "&"

  • SEO Meta, Title and Description

    Now you can add filtered pages to Google. Title, Description and Header H1 tag will be extended to fit page content

  • Use links in the checkbox and radio filters

    Bots will add your filtered pages to the index automatically

Everything you need to run a shop site

All the features you need, in an all-in-one package

  • Display products

    Display products

    Always display products when filters applied. Categories will be moved off shop page

  • AJAX Pagination and Orderby

    AJAX Pagination and Orderby

    Users will get next page loaded ordered by their preferences and without page reloading

  • Own shortcodes

    Use shortcodes to show filters in any place you need

  • Filtering Conditions

    Filtering Conditions BETA

    Nested filters. Show filter only when some other filter is applied

  • Extra Fields

    Extra Fields

    Stock Status, Date, Sale, Rating and Sub-categories

  • Conditions where to show

    Conditions where to show

    You can show filters at the shop only or use 2 different filters on 2 categories. Powerful control in your hands

  • Plugin Compatibility

    Plugin Compatibility

    Compatible with popular themes such as Divi, StoreFront, Flatsome and others

  • Automatic Updates

    Automatic Updates

    Never miss new features and security fixes with one-click automatic updates

  • Online Documentation

    Online Documentation

    Documentation to help you get the most out of the plugin

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my theme compatible with this plugin?

    Our plugin is supporting 99% of the themes and is tested and integrated with most popular of them.

  • Do you offer a trial before purchase?

    We do not provide trial software, instead we invite you to try the plugin risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Are your plugins working good together?

    Sure! You can use paid and free plugins together and they all will do their best to provide great results for your shop.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept a variety of credit and debit cards via our secure payment processor. Payment details are encrypted and secure. No card details are stored on our server.

  • What if I have some question or issue?

    We're here to help. Feel free to create a ticket or use the live chat.

  • An excelent plugin to filter your products without reloading the page. Also the technical service is excellent, I had a problem and it did not take an hour to solve it.

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  • Great plugin. The best solution to filter your product. Highly recommend, good job guys!

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