WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity

WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity plugin allow you to setup limits for cost of products in orders and in groups and limits for quantity of products, product variations, products in orders and products in group. You can add products and product variations to group. Infinite amount of groups.


  • Easy to customize, setup and use.
  • Set a minimum and maximum quantity required to checkout.
  • Set a minimum and maximum cost (of cart items) required to checkout.
  • Group of features(e.g. You must purchase in group of X).
  • Support minimum and maximum rules on variation level also.
  • Support minimum and maximum order items ( minimum & maximum number of products ).
  • Support Group of option on Category level also.
  • WPML Support

The customer won’t be able to checkout until they meet your restrictions – errors will be shown on their cart page and prompt them to correct their cart items.

Tested with themes:

  • Abacus
  • Avada
  • Bridge
  • Clean Commerce
  • Divi
  • Louis
  • NovelLite
  • Read More
  • Storefront
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • X
  • ... and many other

Wanna try admin side?

Get access to this plugin's admin and try it from inside. Change things and watch how they work.

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Quantity limits for products
Quantity limits for product variations
Quantity limits for products in cart
Cost limits for products in cart
Quantity limits for groups of products
Quantity limits for products from categories
Quantity limits for products from specific attributes
Cost limits for groups of products
Cost limits for products from categories
Cost limits for products from specific attributes
Infinite groups of products
Option to doesn't add products when limit reached
Multiplicity limits for buying product
Exclude product from rules
Possibility to add rules for a specific role

General plugin settings.
WooCommerce -> Min/Max Quantity -> General



  • Core Changes
  • New way to add limitations
  • Global limitation that will be used for each product
  • Custom Text for limitation
  • Multiple correct limitation
  • Use limitation only for specific variation or product


  • Updater fix
  • Multiplicity work same as other limitation


  • Incorrect error with latest WooCommerce
  • Checkout buttons not always hides and shows


  • Move option in product settings to Inventory tab
  • Multiplicity doesn't work correct with variations
  • Multiplicity error was incorrect
  • Group limitation doesn't work correct with variations


  • Small fixes


  • Recent woocommerce version support


  • Fix for JavaScript code


  • options in product settings can be removed with any custom saving


  • Fix plugin update
  • Code optimization
  • Now product isn't add to cart if quantity of product less than their min quantity


  • Activation on installing doesn't work
  • Delete plugin doesn't work correct
  • Variation products


  • Fixed CSS and License pages in settings


  • Variable product fix for woocommerce older then 2.7


  • Fix problem with min/max for products


  • Fix for saving roles settings


  • small fixes



  • Added chance making exclude products from rules ( full / partial ).
  • Added chance to configure rules for roles.
  • Added multiplicity for buying product, for individual product / for all products.
  • Added new design for settings page


  • Fix attributes for variables products and function 'prevent_add_to_cart'
  • Removed PHP notices for WooCommerce 3.0


  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • Fix option Prevent add to cart
  • Fix option Hide Checkout button


  • Fix for "Doesn't add products when limit reached" option
  • Updater fix



  • Some calculations was incorrect
  • Limits products by attributes
  • Hide checkout buttons


  • Single forced product to products



  • Limits products by categories
  • Limits products by attributes


  • First version
  • Download plugin from your BeRocket account
  • Disable FREE version of same plugin if you have it
  • Open your site admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  • Click Browse and select downloaded zip file and click Install Now
  • Click Activate Plugin
  • Setup Quantity limits and Groups for products in product editor
  • Setup Cost limits for cart and groups in plugin settings (Admin Panel -> WooCommerce -> Min/Max Quantity)
  • Open shop page and check how it works.
  • That's it =)

Product and account keys uses for plugin auto updates from BeRocket site.
Account settings is in Settings -> BeRocket Account that contains only one field for Account Key, also we adds Plugin Key fields to plugin settings.
Account Key uses for all BeRocket plugins on your BeRocket account and Plugin keys uses only for one plugin.

How set Account Key

  • Login to BeRocket
  • Go to 'My Account' on BeRocket site
  • Copy you Account Key from Account key field on right side
  • Go to website with activated plugin
  • In admin panel open Settings -> BeRocket Account
  • Place Key to field Account key
  • Press Test button if result is Success press Save button

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