WooCommerce Brands

WooCommerce Brand plugin allows you to create brands for products on your shop. Each brands has name, description and image.

  • Shortcodes & Widgets
  • Products pages by brand
  • Slider for brands
  • Brand image on products page


Demo Description




Brands for WooCommerce Products
Custom image for brands
Custom pages for brands
Shortcode to display products by brand ID
Widget with links for brand pages
Display brand description and image on brand pages
Slider for brand links
Additional customization
Widget and shortcode for product brands list by name
Shotcode to display brand image on product page
Shortcode and widget to display brand information
Option to display brand image on product pages

General plugin settings.
WooCommerce -> Product Brands -> General

Brands list.


  • Widget title compatibility with WPML
  • Updater fix



  • Added informations about shortcodes and some additional links


  • Widgets displayed always, but must be hidden without brands
  • Brand pages doesn't work on some sites


  • First version
  • Install and activate plugin
  • Go to Admin area -> Products -> Brands
  • Create new brands like product categories
  • Add product to brands. You can do this same like with product categories
  • Go to Admin area -> Appearance -> Widgets
  • In Available Widgets ( left side of the screen ) find "WooCommerce Brands by Name" or "WooCommerce Product Brands"
  • Drag it to Sidebar you choose for it
  • Change widget options
  • Click save and go to your shop to check how it work.
  • That's it =)


  • In editor [brands_list]
  • In PHP do_shortcode('[brands_list]');


  • [brands_list] - list of brands
    • use_image - display brand image(1 or 0)
    • use_name - display brand name(1 or 0)
    • per_row - Count of columns for brands list(count of brand per slider)
    • hide_empty - Hide brands without products(1 or 0)
    • count - maximum number of brand
    • slider - is this slider with brands(1 or 0)
    • padding - padding around image and name(Default: 3px)
    • border_color - border color in HEX(#FFFFFF - white, #000000 - black)
    • border_width - border width in pixels
  • [brands_by_name] - brands list by name
    • image - display brand image
    • text - display brand name
    • style - "vertical" or "horizontal" position of elements
    • position - image and name position for brand
      • 1 - Name after image
      • 2 - Name before image
      • 3 - Name under image
      • 4 - Show only on letter click
    • column - Count of columns for brands list
    • imgw - image width(Default: 64px)
    • imgh - image height
  • [brands_products] - product list by brand id
    • brand_id - brand ID(s). One or more brand ID(Example: 12,34,35)
    • brand_slug - brand slug(s). One or more brand slug name(Example: brand1,brand2,brand3)
    • Use only one option brand_id or brand_slug
    • columns - count of columns for product list. Can doesn't work with some theme or plugin
    • orderby - order products by this field(title, name, date, modified)
      • title - Order by title
      • name - Order by post name (post slug)
      • date - Order by date
      • modified - Order by last modified date
      • rand - Random order
    • order - ascending(asc) or descending(desc) order
  • [brands_info] - brand information
    • id - brand ID(optionaly)
    • type - type of information(name, image or description)
  • [brands_product_thumbnail] - brand image for product page
    • post_id - product id(optionaly)
    • width - image width(Default: 35%)
    • height - image height(optionaly)

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We adds settings to Settings -> BeRocket Account that contains only one field for Account Key, also we adds Plugin Key fields to plugin settings.
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How set Account Key

  • Login to BeRocket
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Regular License $20

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

WooCommerce Brand plugin allows you to create brands for products on your shop. Each brands has name, description and image.

WooCommerce Brands