WooCommerce Advanced Products Labels

With Advanced Products Labels plugin you can create labels easily and quickly. Promote your free products, show “Free Shipping” or other special attributes of products. By using conditions you can add each labels to specific products in your shop.

  • Add labels to any products
  • Add labels globaly to any products by different conditions
  • Add labels for single product
  • Different types of labels
  • Customization for labels

Tested with themes:


Demo Description




Custom notices labels on products
Label for products by specific conditions
Label by: product name, product category, sale status, stock status, bestsellers position, price, total sales count
Custom text and discount percentage type of label
Custom background color and text color for each labels
Custom position for each labels
Multiple labels for one product
Labels for each product
Label by: product age, stock quantity, sale price
Custom image and time left for discount type of label
Custom border and font size for each labels
Labels can be rotated from -90deg to 90deg
Labels can be added to products with specific attribute values

General plugin settings.
WooCommerce -> Products Labels -> General

Labels list.

Page to add labels.


  • Fix parse error


  • Option to set labels position horizontally


  • Updater fix


  • fixes labels for product page



  • Height and width for label on image


  • Better compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
  • Remove PHP notices
  • Label styles fix
  • Sale price fix


  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Compatibility with other plugins


  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • Updater fix



  • Sometimes lable settings doesn't work correct
  • Products type of condition doesn't work with new version of WooCommerce
  • Category type of condition doesn't work with new version of WooCommerce
  • Multiple conditions in one lable sometimes doesn't work



  • Labels displayed on single product pages
  • Labels can be added to products with specific attribute values
  • Labels can be rotated from -90deg to 90deg


  • WordPress media library doesn't work on some pages
  • Labels compatible with WPML



  • More compatibility with old version of PHP
  • Product search for labels doesn't work
  • Media library doesn't work on some pages
  • Discount percentage doesn't work correct with variations



  • Customization for labels
  • Additional types of labels


  • First version
  • Download plugin from your BeRocket account
  • Disable FREE version of same plugin if you have it
  • Open your site admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  • Click Browse and select downloaded zip file and click Install Now
  • Click Activate Plugin
  • Open plugin settings Admin Panel -> WooCommerce -> Sales Report
  • Setup E-Mail, interval and time when message will be sent
  • Open shop page and check how it works.
  • That's it =)

Product and account keys uses for plugin auto updates from BeRocket site.
Account settings is in Settings -> BeRocket Account that contains only one field for Account Key, also we adds Plugin Key fields to plugin settings.
Account Key uses for all BeRocket plugins on your BeRocket account and Plugin keys uses only for one plugin.

How set Account Key

  • Login to BeRocket
  • Go to 'My Account' on BeRocket site
  • Copy you Account Key from Account key field on right side
  • Go to website with activated plugin
  • In admin panel open Settings -> BeRocket Account
  • Place Key to field Account key
  • Press Test button if result is Success press Save button

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